The Party Survival Guide will help you remember the little details that make your party stress-free. If you have questions, please contact our Party Coordinator for more information at or call us at (925) 820-2525.The office is open 9:30am- 5pm Monday through Friday. E-mails or phone calls are not monitored after business hours or on weekends. All changes to party arrangements must be made at least 2-3 days prior to party date and during normal office business hours.Thanks!

  • The same credit card used to book the party and a government issued photo I.D.
  • Party cake or cupcakes, guest list, goody bags, camera, skates
  • Try to arrive approximately 15 minutes early.
  • You need to bring the same credit card used to book the party and a government issued photo i.d.
  • Check in with the party host at the table set up in the outside lobby. Give him/her your guest list. This is a good time to find out who your Host/Hostess will be and ask any questions and/or order any additional items you may want.
  • Upon check-in, we'll put your gifts, cake and goody bags into an office cubby until it is time for your party.
  • You may now proceed inside to get and/or put on your skates. There will be a shoe bin with your child's name on it, usually placed along side the skate rack for you and your guests. This bin is for shoes only. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • We will check in any guests that should arrive after you. Please proceed inside to avoid crowding the lobby. Parents may come in to meet with you and drop off their child.
  • Please do not take any items into your room before you are called to the room. We will bring any gifts, cake/cupcakes, goody bags, etc. to your room when it is time for your party. We will set up the room and arrange for the food and drink items. There are no decorations allowed on the walls of the party room or outside the room.
  • When we have your room completed we will have the D.J. call the birthday person over the P.A. system. Please note that the time given to enter your room is an approximation. We may call you earlier or later than the specified time. Your party host/hostess will meet you at the entrance to the room.
  • You are limited to 45 minutes from the time you enter the room to complete eating, opening gifts, etc. The time will go fast, so you need to be time conscious. The children will help you in most cases. They will be anxious to get back on the floor to skate. In many cases, parents choose not to open gifts until they get home. Just a thought! We will supply you with a large plastic bag to put the gifts in and take to your car for safekeeping.
  • When you are finished, the children may go back out to skate for the remainder of the session. Your host/hostess will hand you a bill for any balance that you may owe. Please pay them at this time.
  • Our employees are trained to give the best service possible. If you feel they did an exceptional job, you may reward them with a gratuity, based on your discretion. We expect our employees to be customer friendly. Please let us know if you received the service you expected.
  • We will clean the room for you and store any leftover cake until you are ready to leave. Please keep all food and drinks on the tables. We want our rooms to remain clean and neat for the next party. There will be a $50.00 cleaning fee assessed if we need to clean walls, windows, ceiling, etc. of food or debris.
  • Please remember your cake, gifts, shoes, etc.
  • We do not allow skating outside the building, so please remove your skates prior to leaving. Thank you for choosing the Golden Skate for your birthday party!

No refunds are given 0-14 days before the party. There is a $45 charge if the party is cancelled 15-21 days before the party. We will reschedule the party without any charge if you call before the scheduled date.

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